Wednesday, February 22, 2012

To Shutter

This picture was taken as a passing thunderstorm collided with the ash plume
of a erupting volcano in South America. Putting on a dazzling display that
must have been just as terrifying as it was beautiful.

The earth, destroyed once over by water in judgment, sits scarred by desolation, yet it still has moments of such grandeur that it overwhelms the imagination of man. At times causing even the most learned of men to yield in their spirit and stand as mere spectators, finding no words either in science or philosophy to satisfy the spirits longing to express that which is seen through the eyes.

His Ancient Fame

It is much too much to fathom,
the Lord in glory so,
both beautiful and terrifying
proving worthy His ancient fame,
that the sky in all its glamor,
must hide its face for shame.

Then it will come to pass
as they join and sing
men in this presence shutter,
and quake with dread,
for its long been said,
like Him, there is no other.

Then clamor about 
as He opens his mouth
they cry to the rocks for shelter.
But alas you see,
Oh race of man,
the Earth too, His presence fled.

But come back my friends,
to the here and now,
and marvel at what's been said.
For if the Lord our Judge
would give us grace,
let us run to Him instead!

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